Day 29–almost there

Maintaining the 4.4 lb loss, which is good considering I’m on my period and have been eating cookies…again.
Last two days of my journey. Wow! I am almost there.
I started my generic Prilosec again and already feel relief. I hate being on meds but man, it gets painful and I can’t focus.
I donated blood this morning, and when I do, I try to not restrict myself on calories and water (not that I restrict myself on water anyways). But I try to have some sugar and protein throughout the day. Oh yeah, donating blood as often as I can is my New Year’s resolution. This one went a week or two over when I could donate because I did my work drive, but I am signing up for April 25th donation today. I want to donate every 8 weeks (so 52 weeks/8= 6.5, so I’m shooting for 6 donations).
Day 29–done!


Day 28–heartburn

Ugh, heartburn again. Years ago, I used to have chronic heartburn. It has gotten a ton better but still hits me hard, and after last night, it has come back with a vengeance. If you have never had it, I feel like someone is putting all their weight on a toe and standing on my ribcage. It is really painful and I don’t like taking medication. But I think I’m going to have to start generic Prilosec again.
I slept a bit better last night. Battling the heartburn and Tums is just barely working. Plus, I ate awful when I got home from work last night. Girl Scout cookies in the house is a bad thing for me. 🙂 I’m maintaining at a 4.4 lb loss, so at least I haven’t gained. And I hope my sleep gets better.

Day 27–bad night sleeping

I had a bad night last night. You see, I have this annoying cat. He likes to meow overnight. Normally he gets the point and shuts up. But yesterday, he slept all day…literally, I don’t think he moved from when I got up til I took a shower after dinner. And I knew he would be up all night. Ugh, I don’t think I slept longer than an hour at any one time. When that happens, my heartburn kicks up and I feel nauseous.
But I did my workout. Okay, to be honest, I didn’t push myself as hard as I have been due to being exhausted. I hope my energy picks up soon. Day 27-done!

Day 26–the boys are out

Day 26…and the boy went ice fishing. I’d like to say I slept in, and I kinda did. I woke up at 6:40 due to an enthusiastic dog who always greets me when I wake up (sounds cute, and it is, but kinda annoying when I wanted to sleep in). Checked my email and then jumped up for my workout.
Cookies will kill my diet, and I keep trying to tell myself that. But they are so good!
Day 26…done! And maintaining at 4.4 lbs lost for the past few days. So it has dropped since earlier this week but not at my lowest.

Day 25-done

Getting closer to the finish line. I haven’t decided whether to keep this up. I want to, but I might drop the weekends. But as hard as it is to wake up at 5, I kinda like the 20 minutes relaxing after the workout before I need to get moving for the day. I need to think about this. I’m happy with my food choices for sure though.
This might actually be the first day when feeling sore feels good. I know I pushed myself this morning. Got up when my son did, and did the workout first thing before he started watching his superhero cartoons (it is hard to stop him in the middle to workout, but I also don’t want to wait until the end of the episode either).
So 5 more days of my journey left. Day 25–I did it!

Day 24–motivation is quickly leaving

I’m still doing it–I’m on freaking day 24 after all. But I have gained 2 lbs in 3 days. It has to be water weight or my monthly visitor is about to arrive. 2 lbs in 3 days–how does that happen unless I was eating a ton???? Okay, I know I have too many cookies (I do have to argue at least they are homemade and I know what is in them, as opposed to buying something at the store), but the rest of the day I eat great (for me–huge changes in my diet since I started). To be fair, I knew the weight wouldn’t just slide off, but to do so well just to gain it back is hard.
I’ve increased my veggies a ton! I’ve eaten lots of fruit! Lots of lean proteins and healthy oils! I need to look at the positive and realize that this will pass over and I will start to lose again. It is just frustrating to think that I’ve been at this for 24 days and I have only lost 3.2 lbs.
I hope to reach a point soon that I buy items without ingredient lists. Yogurt might be the hard one, since I don’t make my own. Maybe I’ll learn.
On 30 Day Shred, I hope to start doing the strength moves at the advanced level soon. I’m doing a lot already, but some moves I only do about half the time at advanced and drop to my knees for the other half. I’m doing okay on cardio. The first circuit made me stop to catch my breath a few times. But I did it!
Trying hard to find the motivation today.

Day 23–I’m losing motivation…

Ugh just describes how I feel. My teeth hurt (remember, I have braces), and I’m not motivated by the scale. I’m up 0.8 lbs (still at a 4.4 lb loss), but it was like that yesterday and today.
I dropped my banana and grapes to get me under calories, but then had a cookie at home, which only put me slightly higher. But I have no motivation. At least I didn’t eat the chicken skin on my chicken breast yesterday. But still…I haven’t seen the scale move in two days. Which doesn’t sound like a lot but I am in such a bad mood that it would have helped.
I’m just cranky today and I hope it passes soon.
Day 23–done!

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