Day 2

Woke up at 5 and did it. Ugh, I’m happy, but tired.

So why lose weight? Like almost everyone’s New Year’s resolution, I want to look better. But I didn’t make this a resolution this year. We always break them. I have two resolutions:

1) donate blood more frequently. I would get in a habit but just stop going in (more of timing issues than anything else). 52 weeks in a year, can donate every 8 weeks. I would like to donate at least 6 times this year. My next donation is at the end of this month at a work drive.

2)knit 12 items in 2012. I’m doing well on this one. I am working on #4 (a sweater for my little one) and already have #5 and #6 lined up.

So why not put lose weight on there? I think I usually have an all or nothing record. I get really into it, but that first cookie ruins it for me and I might as well have the whole box. This time, I’m trying to not restrict myself too much. Eat well most of the time, and allow myself a splurge here and there. But truthfully, the hardest part is exercise. Finding time is a chore in itself, and constantly feeling sore doesn’t help.

I will do it!


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