Day 5-complete and pondering “diets”

Day 5–I’m starting to see more endurance. I can go almost all the way through Level One without breaking (I usually need to take a breathe during the first cardio section).
I’ve been looking into eating primal recently. The whole idea is to eat as our past, but like during caveman days. Vegetables, few fruit, meat, low to none grains, dairy. And while it sounds like a good idea, I woke up this morning and thought, “I’m 30 years old. Why should someone else tell me how to eat?” And that goes for the food pyramid too that our government pushes.
So my plan is to up my vegetables and fruits, which I have been doing but will continue this week. I made egg muffins (one egg, chopped veggies, a tablespoon ham, a pinch of cheese in a muffin tin), and am setting aside two a day for breakfast. For lunch, I will have a big salad with lunch meat and cheese.
For dinner, I started eating a bunch of veggies. I want to keep veggies at half my plate. My biggest problem, as I said in post one, is sweets. I did find a few primal chocolate chip cookie recipes I may try, but I might just make my basic cookie and really control what I eat.
But overall, I’m not going to follow any specific diet. I don’t want to be tied down, ruin it and then just say “WHATEVER!” I want to make life changes but not be restricted. Once someone tightens something on me, I want to break loose. I want to make life changes, and I feel that following any specific diet will set me up for failure. I will not fail. And that is probably why diets don’t work for me. I’m not dismissing primal. I just don’t think it fits me right now. “Diets” will always be there…but let’s try it this way now.
So that’s it–increase vegetables and fruit, and allow myself appropriate portions of treats.
Motivations of the day:

And this one made me laugh:


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