Day 8…just a few more

Okay, Jillian Michaels pet peeve. A few=3….not 8. When you say “a few more”, I expect three. No, she has us going for 6-8 more reps. Which okay, I get it, but it has been an early morning.
Although, my husband cracked me up. He had no idea I’ve been waking up at 5 to work out. He thought I was going to work out before dinner. Here is why I wake up early, despite that I like and cherish my sleep. He gets home before me after work and usually starts cooking dinner. I learned very early on that I cannot workout while smelling food. Especially if it is cooked when I walk in. I don’t want to work out. I want to eat. And I can’t workout on a full stomach because it makes me feel nauseous. So yes, I wake up at 5am.
Today’s motivation:


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