Day 10–one third of the way there!

And three pounds down!

I was on a message board recently that had a post about pictures on Facebook. Essentially “weight wars”. One pictures showed three women: one what women would like to be, one what men would like women to be, and one that was the “average” size of women (if you have seen this, I believe the sizes are off, or they are UK sizes). The other picture rated women’s sizes 0-9, from skinny to morbid obese.
And I was sad. A lot of the comments were from women saying how awful looking one woman was, but then commenting that the “fat” picture looked normal. Why must we, as women, put others down? If it is not okay to comment on the weight of someone who is overweight or obese, why is it okay to comment when someone is skinny?
I often find that those that comment in that way aren’t happy themselves. But that doesn’t say that the person they are commenting on aren’t happy. Maybe that woman, whatever size she is, is happy and loves life. Who is to tell her how to look? If you aren’t happy, do something about it, but stop, women, making others feel bad as an effort to make yourselves look good. No wonder we have a twisted look at ourselves. We feel the need to look like what others want, regardless if that makes us happy.

I decided to go on this journey because I wasn’t happy. No one was telling me that I needed to, except myself. My husband loves me, regardless, even at my heaviest when pregnant. He never comments to me on weight. No one tells me how I should look. I made the decision. And that is how it should be. So why is it okay to comment online on a photo about how a woman should look?

Motivation of the day:


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