Day 22-ugh

I had an ortho appointment this morning. Oh, yeah, I have braces. I’m at the 13 month mark–Dr. U says I should be in treatment for 24 months, so I’m inching closer.
But I’m always cranky after an appointment–probably because they tightened me up.
And because it was a morning appointment and I knew I couldn’t wait until I got to work for breakfast, I grabbed McDonald’s for breakfast. Now, I’m happy I grabbed the sausage McMuffin with egg and I didn’t eat the English muffin. But I just added the nutritional information to my SparkPeople account–ugh. I should have gotten the Canadian bacon version rather than the sausage version. I haven’t had sausage in so long though–it was good.
At least it was low carb, even if it was high fat, high calorie. But that means no treats tonight. And I will try really hard to not “punish” myself for my choice this morning. It happened, move on.
Level 3 kicked my butt again. But after my food for today, I have motivation to work my butt off tomorrow. A lot of it is just learning the moves, and since you only have a minute at the most to do the move, I feel rushed. Hopefully, that will settle soon and I can work on the actual exercises rather than trying to figure out what I should be doing.


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