Day 24–motivation is quickly leaving

I’m still doing it–I’m on freaking day 24 after all. But I have gained 2 lbs in 3 days. It has to be water weight or my monthly visitor is about to arrive. 2 lbs in 3 days–how does that happen unless I was eating a ton???? Okay, I know I have too many cookies (I do have to argue at least they are homemade and I know what is in them, as opposed to buying something at the store), but the rest of the day I eat great (for me–huge changes in my diet since I started). To be fair, I knew the weight wouldn’t just slide off, but to do so well just to gain it back is hard.
I’ve increased my veggies a ton! I’ve eaten lots of fruit! Lots of lean proteins and healthy oils! I need to look at the positive and realize that this will pass over and I will start to lose again. It is just frustrating to think that I’ve been at this for 24 days and I have only lost 3.2 lbs.
I hope to reach a point soon that I buy items without ingredient lists. Yogurt might be the hard one, since I don’t make my own. Maybe I’ll learn.
On 30 Day Shred, I hope to start doing the strength moves at the advanced level soon. I’m doing a lot already, but some moves I only do about half the time at advanced and drop to my knees for the other half. I’m doing okay on cardio. The first circuit made me stop to catch my breath a few times. But I did it!
Trying hard to find the motivation today.


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