DAY 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can I put enough exclamation points to show my excitement? Day 30–I wasn’t sure if I would keep this up and I did.
Other good news, it’s my 31st birthday!!!
So what I have taken from this journey?
5.2 lbs lost!
No measurements because I forgot to measure at the beginning (that or too depressed to know the measurements).
Clothes feel looser.
I’m eating way more veggies than before…and like it.
I need to fine tune my breakfasts, but the egg muffins are okay. Just could be better.
I want to continue the workouts during the week, but will probably relax on weekend workouts. Or encourage the family to do something more active.
Jillian wants to kick your butt…but you will enjoy it at the end. She will push you, she won’t sweet talk you, you will hate her and try to punch her face during punches. But she will get you there.
For myself, I set a goal and I did it. I’m stronger and can push myself further than when I started. Now I see the 100 pushup and 200 situp challenge and think I should start those too. I see that I’m challenging myself.
Day 30 of the 30 Day Shred and I AM DONE!!!!


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